When training people and their dogs to obedience, we trainers often say that it’s not the dog we work on and train but people.

We deal with people’s habits, ways of treating the dog, we try to fix relationships between people and dogs to make it all work on both obedience and everyday basics. For us trainers it’s kind of obvious.

But I never thought of my own training this way.

Just recently I had quite a demanding training with Tekla. I wanted her to do some element she’s not really fond of, and it was really hot, and she was tired, and I was bit impatient on the day… so she didn’t do it. And so I worked as much as I could to make her do the trick. She HAD to but also would be given a huge REWARD. And so I pressed her till she did this. And you know what? We both were really happy after that. She ran around bangig her head with a gigant ball and I felt so relieved. We made impossible possible and no harm had been done to neither of us.

Than I realized how much I changed when working with my students and getting experienced. With Kelt I would never ever dared to push that hard, to be such persistent and stone cold when it comes to fulfill-your-task thing. Instead I used to give up or get upset by my dog’s unwillingness and my own disability to make him work. Now I can do all these stuff without getting angry or sad.

Feels so good!



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